The Savile Club accessories are made just like our clothes – to measure. They are handcrafted to fully reflect every customer’s creative freedom. You can choose their composition, colour combination and the shape of every complementary detail to match your very own personal taste.

 We have elected to maintain a clean, essential style, where the utmost quality of the materials and the extreme care for every slightest detail stand out the most. These timeless features transcend any current trend.


 Backpacks have raged back to the fore – and now we’re wondering if they ever even left. Backpacks can be extremely practical while making a powerful style statement. Leather backpacks have an irresistible rock’n’roll attitude and down-to-earth spirit that enchants carriers and beholders alike. Backpacks go great with a casual look, emphasising its carefree air; and they are also a terrific match for more traditional outfits, creating an effect that is bound to leave its mark.

We opted for a sack model, since it’s always current and suits every age group. The straps are attached with traditional metal rivets and feature adjustable links. The snap-hook catch gives the backpack an urban touch. Bikers will love the inside pocket where you can safely store all your personal belongings even at break-neck speed.

Men’s duffle bag

 Just like a backpack, a duffle bag – be it for travelling or just for leisure – is much more than a complementary accessory. It’s the key to carrying around in style everything we’re fond of.

 Made from leather or cloth, men’s duffle bags have a retro, slightly neglected and therefore deeply fascinating air. They recall the great travellers who made the history of literature and of great male style; pristine places; long journeys where sunset fades into sunrise. Today, duffle bags are the perfect idea for a quick week-end, a trip to the gym or simply for when you need that little extra room.

To make this practical and elegant week-end duffle-bag we drew inspiration from the bag doctors used to carry around. See the side links at the beginning and the end of the zip, the particular catch, the adjustable handle and the two handy inside pockets.